Hogsback Mountain

Hogsback Mountain
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fowers Family Service Project

During the time that we were in the United States for the holidays, the Fowers kids and grandkids organized a little project to make gift bags for the children in South Africa.   Each ziplock bag included a pencil, a notebook, 6 crayons, a small toy, a coloring page, a toothbrush, a note from our oldest grandson, Johnathan and a very special picture of Christ and an African child. Each gift is so very simple, but for the children in townships they are a real treasure. We delight in giving these gifts to the children of all ages we meet in our community.

It is our prayer that our family will always extend a hand of love and caring to others.

Grandkids and Auntie Amy Assembling the Bags

A suitcase full of Gift Bags headed for South Africa


Clowning Around
Neighborhood Buddies