Hogsback Mountain

Hogsback Mountain
Hogsback Mountain Wilderness

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding "HIS" Lost Sheep

We spend much of our time trying to find our Savior's lost sheep.  Individuals who were once warm in the faith and had centered their lives on Jesus Christ who have since quietly wandered away.  They are lost somewhere in the web of houses and shanties of the Mdantsane township.  Often the worries of the world such as illness, unemployment, poverty, family conflict or lack of transportation draw them into the day to day crazies of living and they soon forget.  But, we know that the Savior has not forgotten them.  He still numbers them as His.  It is impossible to express the joy we feel once we locate and engage them.  We do all we can to lift their burdens and rekindle their faith.  
Several weeks ago we decided that the task was just too big for us to do ourselves so we organized a "Finding the Lost Sheep" activity with other members of our congregation. Weeks of planning, creating visit lists, preparing lunches for 60 and decorating a special cake all proceeded the event. On a Saturday morning, May 12th, 60 members joined us and they went out in teams to invite them back to church.  We shared an incredible feelings of rejoicing as we visited 165 homes in just one day and found dozens of persons we can now serve, help and lift and invite back to the fellowship of the church. An amazing day as we served as His "under-shepherds" to help care for the children he loves.

Preparing cakes the night before.

Setting up the teams.

Unit Leader, Lihle, organizes and trains his teams.


 Reviewing the details of the visit list.

 Excited to go.

Lunches for 60... to go.


"The worth of souls is great in the sight of God."  D&C 18: 10  We can testify that there is no greater joy than to bring even one soul back to our Savior Jesus Christ.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Storms River Mouth

When we take long road trips to visit an outlying mission branch, we often take a side trip so we can see more of this majestic land.  We recently veered off the highway on a whim and decided to so explore Storms River Month. Storms River has cut its way through the limestone rock formations over the centuries to create a deep, meandering gorge as it dumps into the Indian Ocean.  We spent a couple of hours hiking a shaded trail through the flora and fauna to the suspension bridge that spans the gorge. We returned to our car refreshed and ready to finish our five hour drive home.  South Africa's stunning beauty never ceases to amaze us!


Wild lilies...

Ancient tree...

Storms River suspension bridge...

Never ending adventures...

Storms River gorge...

The view etched in our memories as we leave.