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Hogsback Mountain
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South African Express Train


Up for an exciting new adventure!
On June 17 we boarded the Shosholoza Meyl African Express train, along with 21 of our dear friends from the Mdantsane 1st Ward to attend the Johannesburg, South Africa Temple.   

The distance from East London is about 950 kilometers (590 miles) which translates into a 22 hour train ride.  The members opted for train travel over bus/taxi because it is much less expensive and it is all they could afford.  Most of them had been saving money for nearly a year to pay the 440 rand ($60) fare. 

All Aboard...

Preparing for a long night.
The members settled in for a long, cold night in the economy class with non-reclining seats and no heat. But there was a wonderful, happy energy of dedication and unity among all the members. 
Sleeper car...still cold, but at least we could sleep a bit.
We opted for a sleeper car along with several others of our group that were pensioners (retirees).

After a long, cold, sleepless night.
We finally arrived in Johannesburg!

When we finally saw the spires of the temple through the trees all the challenges of the long train trip faded away.    

Johannesburg, South Africa Temple
We were excited and prepared ourselves to enter the temple and partake of the sweet spirit.  Once inside this beautiful edifice we remembered our promises to our Heavenly Father. We are all filled with the spirit!  

Mdantsane Saints in front of the Johannesburg Temple.
We are certain the faithful saints will be blessed for their sacrifices. Our lives were touched as we shared this experience with our ward family.

Holiness to the Lord!