Hogsback Mountain

Hogsback Mountain
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cape of Good Hope

Namibia, which is part of our Cape Town mission, is similar to the state Nevada, a big barren desert, with few people.  Our church has only two small congregations in the entire country.  We would like to send more missionaries into Namibia but the government has denied visas, leaving only one Senior Couple in Namibia.   They want us to hire local Namibians as missionaries that would help solve the country’s high unemployment rate, not realizing that our missionaries are unpaid clergy that pay their own expenses. They think we are a business.  After much fasting and prayer on the part of many members, the customs officials changed there earlier decision and have now granted four missionaries visas.  We believe this unexplainable change is a direct answer to our prayers.

On August 20 our church sponsored a Mormon Helping Hands across the whole African continent.  Our part in this community out reach service was to clean a Senior Care Center doing yard work and washing windows. We had a fun time with the local members this day.
Paarl Members Serving at the Beaconvale Frail Care Center

 Yesterday we took an all day excursion to the Cape of Good Hope.  It was the most beautiful sight we have ever seen.  Beyond going to the “bottom” of the world and seeing the bluest ocean, we encountered Jackass penguins, baboons, ostriches, dassies (little rodent like creatures about the size of a cat) and lots of other human tourists.  We visited Hout Bay climbing an old stone fort built in 1670s.  We stopped at Miller’s Point (where the penguins live), and the Cape of Good Hope.  This is the furthest southwest point on the African continent. 

Oldhams, Mahlers and Fowers at the "Bottom" of Africa
Oceans meet at the Cape of Good Hope

As missionaries here we have begun to understand the hope and determination of this great country.

Cape Point Light House   1860


  1. What a wonderful experience you are having!! You and Africa will be blessed with the 4 new missionaries!! We love your blog and can't wait to hear of your next adventure. We send our love.......
    The Kharazi Family......
    PS....we have 5 chicks!!!

  2. Sounds beautiful. What an experience this continues to be!

    By the way, a message from Goethe: 935! Amazing, right?

    All the best,