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Hogsback Mountain
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

FAMILY MEMORIES...Jesse and Jennifer's Wedding

There are moments in life that will be forever etched in our memory.  Jesse and Jennifer's wedding is just such an event.  It was a sacred moment for our family to all be together in the San Diego Temple to witness Jesse's wedding to Jennifer Church on December 16.  Though it required that we leave our missionary work in South Africa, travel for two days and 11,000 miles to be in attendance, we wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Fowers
As the children were growing and finding there paths in life, it was our prayer that they would each find their soul mate, honor their faith and become contributing citizens of the world.   There are not words to express our feelings of joy and sense of pride in the beautiful adults our children have become.  Nor can we put to words the happiness we feel that each has honored their heritage and found their personal testimonies of Jesus Christ.

Just the kids...

The Whole Gang...

We will head back to South Africa with our hearts filled with happy memories that will carry us through the next 12 months.

"The father (parents) of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: 
and he that begetteth a wise child(ren) shall have joy..." Psalms 23:24


  1. Congratulations. So happy for you that you could come home for the sacred occasion.

  2. P. S. Your family is beautiful!

  3. I am speechless, again, at the range and depth of your experience.

    We are well over here. Muriel is starting to allow her parents to leave her side in public settings. (E.g., She allowed Frauke and me to go to the buffet table at a hotel!) Madeleine just learned to swim!

    All the best,

    John and family